Fund Managers

Are you a Forex Fund Manager and looking for a reliable brokerage company that enables you to get the best trading conditions (order execution, high-quality 24/5 customer support, suitable options of funds depositing and withdrawal) and possibility to earn commissions from the trades? If yes, then you have found us!

At Pylon FX we designed the “Forex Fund Manager” Program particularly for those individuals, who would like to get additional income, while concentrating on their primary task – trading on financial market and increasing funds of their investors.

Just click the button below, fill in the form and later we shall contact you to discuss the cooperation possibilities between your fund and our company. Just believe, we are ready to offer you the best conditions that are available in this industry.

By joining the “Forex Fund Manager” Program, you will obtain a reliable and long term partner that supports and stands behind you in every situation.