Multiple User Approval System

Our working experience and analysis of financial market convinced us that many customers of Pylon FX needed to set up a system that would fulfil certain category. Therefore, we have designed this unique system for particular account type and for those customers, who had a special need for that. This system will benefit the following type of users who require more than one person's approvals to perform major or all financial activity on trading account.

You can simply understand it as, two different person's signatures required to operate bank account operations while drawing cheques or any financial instructions to bank.

  • Joint Account
  • Trading Club Account
  • Fund Managers Account
  • Company Account
  • Institutional Account
  • Investor/Trader Accounts

System that Pylon FX designed, enables to set up a multiple user approval scheme to access the account. But it also allows traders to work with multiple accounts simultaneously, and can therefore provide a dynamic platform to account managers.