Safety of Funds

Pylon FX serves many clients worldwide. Therefore, we take our clients safety very seriously. Our trading platform meets the strict security standards of international financial and banking institutions ensuring our clients receive a fool proof trading experience.

Client funds are a top priority for Pylon FX. We firmly follow the rules and regulations that obliges us to safeguard our customer's funds. So, we are dedicated to create safe and trustworthy trading environment for our clients.

Our customer's funds are kept on a separate bank account and they are completely detached from the operational funds of the company. Moreover, as a strong proponent of transparency and fair-trading practices Pylon FX has partnered with Tier-1 banking institutions for safekeeping of funds in segregated accounts.

Data Protection

Our trading platform is designed to meet the rigorous security standards of international financial and banking institutions. We always make our clients' information security our first priority.

Client accounts have the required coding to ensure that they are used for clients funding purposes. All client funds deposited follow our strict policies and procedures, with activities monitored and reviewed by our external and internal auditors on an ongoing basis.

Pylon FX has implemented sophisticated technology and detailed processes to handle key areas including user authorization, data protection, and network communication.

All connections and data communication between our clients and our servers are encrypted and secured with dynamically generated 128-bit keys. All personal and account information on our website is also encrypted. Therefore, clients of Pylon FX can be assured they are trading with a solid and secure broker.

Besides that, Pylon FX always preserves the necessary amount of liquidity intending to cover all our customers' deposits, potential unsteadiness in the company’s currency positions and expenses. Additionally, the company perennially identifies, evaluates, and controls of any risk regarding to its operations.