CEO Message

Thank you very much for visiting the "Pylon FX" website.

In line with our motto of "Quick, Transparent & Genuine Trade," the company has created and offered various financial instruments to our clients in recent years, so they would enjoy the best condition for trading that are available in the industry.

Our constant strives for perfectiveness enable us to deliver the highest standards of online trading customized to the preference of our clients. Our knowledge and understanding of financial markets and comprehension of the economic changes granted us a status of trusted experts in the Forex industry.

We do believe that success story of "Pylon FX" is closely linked with transparent business practices that we conduct with our clients. We managed to grow from a single Forex broker company into Asia's first online market maker for foreign exchange trading. Currently we provide access to the world's biggest financial market to the individual and institutional traders from all over the world.

Our foremost aim is to familiarize people from the different parts of our globe with the idea of trading in the foreign exchange markets by sharing with them our expertise and trading skills by all available means. We also endeavour to implement new, user-friendly and sophisticated trading platforms that enable our clients to apply different trading strategies and methods.

We envision bright prospects both for our company and our customers and partners. “Pylon FX” is a young and dynamic company that always stays tuned to new opportunities. We as a team of innovators and enthusiasts would like to assure the world trading community that our company continues to deliver a high-class and reliable services to all those, who have a fervent desire to devote themselves to the field of trading.